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Vice President for Finance

As chief financial officer, the Vice President for Finance is responsible to the President for the direction of the fiscal and business affairs of the University, including the following specific duties:

a.  Administration of endowment and student loan funds held directly by the University, investment management, cash management, budgeting, auditing, costing, and calculation of the indirect cost rates for grants and contract programs.

b.  Coordination of all purchasing of goods and services by personnel of the University, including maintenance of complete record of orders, assistance in expeditious procurement, and compliance with procurement policies and regulations promulgated by the Board of Governors, the State Department of Finance and Administration, and the State Auditor.

c.  Review and assistance with the fiscal aspects of the student-life auxiliary enterprise operations (residence halls, student center, cafeteria, faculty and staff housing).

d.  Development and maintenance of basic financial accounting and records systems.

e.  Preparation of all university financial reports and analyses that inform the President, other university administrators, the Board of Advisors of the Community and Technical College, and the Board of Governors of the financial status of the institution.

f.  Processing in a timely manner the University payroll.

g.  Disbursement and collection of student financial aid funds.

h.  Assurance of adequate insurance coverage on all buildings, equipment, and approved travel by university personnel including athletic teams and students.

i.  Inventory control of all state owned equipment and furnishings at Shepherd University.

j.  Administration of the fiscal aspects of sponsored research programs.

k.  Performance of other assignments as requested by the President.