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Vice President for Student Affairs

As chief student affairs officer, the Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible to the President for leadership and the development in implementation of activities and policies concerning student life outside the classroom including the following specific duties:

a.  Coordination of the counseling and guidance program for the campus.

b.  Administration of the Student Life Council and coordination of the activities of the subcommittees.

c.  Leadership in the development of university housing policies and implementation of such policies.

d.  Leadership in the development and implementation of campus policies and student discipline.

e.  Conducting of exit interviews with students withdrawing from the University.

f.  Recommendation to the President regarding personnel filling positions on the Student Affairs staff.

g.  Coordination of student organizations on campus including the maintenance of a file of their officers, advisors, constitution and/or bylaws, and financial reports.

h.  Maintenance of cumulative student personnel files

i.  Coordination and administration of the campus placement testing program for orientation.

j.  Administration of the Freshman Orientation program.

k.  Provision for staff leadership and liaison with Student Government, advisor to foreign students, and advisor to veterans.

l.  Development and printing of the Student Handbook, Residence Hall handbooks and other student life publications as needed.

m.  Handling of special housing and food service requests.

n.  Coordination with the Dining Hall caterer regarding campus food service.

o.  Provision of staff administration of Washington Gateway Program.

p.  Performance of other assignments as requested by the President.