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Upgrading University hardware and software

All computer hardware and software purchases need to be done with the assistance of Information Technology Services. I. T. Services must have at least a two week notice of any hardware installations in campus offices, labs, and classrooms. This includes new computers, components, and peripherals. Additional network connections may require more than a two week notice because of the necessity to add network ports and/or additional network equipment such as switches.

For labs and computers driving projectors in classrooms, we must have notice of new or updated software to be installed by:

For campus offices, we need at least two weeks notice in order to plan, test and get the software ready for deployment.

Exceptions to the deadlines above will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

In order to plan our work and provide you the best service, we must be informed of all software and hardware changes ahead of time. By being able to know about needed tasks at least two weeks before they are needed, we can put this on our schedule. This will allow us to do any preliminary work. We can also make sure the required resources are available, and to shift these resources as needed.

I. T. Services need to be involved in the purchasing of laptop and desktop systems. We also ask to be consulted on tablet and individually-used software purchases. We especially need to be involved and approve of software to be used on multiple computers or in a client/server model of use.

This is to aid in the testing process to make sure the necessary licenses are purchased and software properly tested. Also to make sure we know where the software will be used so it is loaded and ready for use. We can also work with sharing of data between computers. Also if a server is needed, we can work with you on its configuration, plan for its installation, price out the needed server hardware and assist with the purchase, setup and install the server once it arrives on campus, get it up and running, and work with you on testing it along with tying the client systems into it to make sure everything is ready when needed. This will also allow us to plan for future needed and expansion for the long terms needs of the institution.

In order to provide the best systems and pricing, contact I. T. Services about computers you want to purchase. This will allow us to work with you to provide the best options, configurations, and prices. This also allows us to see what is needed by the campus departments in terms of current and future needs for computer technology. We work closely with Procurement Services and our vendors to facilitate and streamline the computer ordering process.