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University’s Athletic Philosophy

At Shepherd University, athletes shall be treated as all other students in reference to admissions, scholarships, programs of study, part-time employment, eligibility, and participation in activities representing the University. Shepherd University provides opportunity to all prospective and current members of the student body, faculty, and staff on the basis of individual qualifications and merit without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, or disability.

The purposes of the University’s Athletic Program are to:

In order that the University may continue to carry on intercollegiate athletics programs pursuant to policies recommended by the Higher Learning Commission, the following minimum standards have been specifically approved by the University.

a.  The conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program is exercised by the President upon the recommendation of the Athletics Committee, which is composed of representatives of the faculty, staff and the student body.

b.   Students who plan to participate in athletics, like all other students, are admitted by the Office of Admissions subject to policies set by the Committee on Admissions and Credits. Athletes are required to maintain the same academic standards as non-athletes.

c.  The award of any student aid, student loan, or student employment to an athlete is made through the regular agency of the University for aid to all students. Such aids are awarded on a basis, which will not discriminate for or against presumed or recognized athletes. An athlete is required to give full and honest return for aid received.

d.   All athletic funds are controlled by the Vice President for Finance. An audit of the receipts and disbursements of these funds is made annually by the auditors of the State and a report made to the President and to the Board of Governors.

e.   An effort is made to compete with colleges having similar educational and athletic policies.

f.   Shepherd University is a member of the Mountain East Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) – Division II. As a member, the University is committed to the principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct, rules compliance and amateurism. All eligibility rules from these associations govern the intercollegiate program.