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a.  State Regulations and Procedures

Travel regulations and reimbursements are governed by regulations of the Board of Governors and the Governor’s Office. The Office of Procurement Services should be consulted for up-to-date details on travel regulations and requirements.

b.  Travel Authorization:

It is the responsibility of the individual traveler to submit to the Office of Procurement Services a completed Travel Authorization form no later than five business days prior to the departure date of the travel when the following conditions occur:

C.  University Procedure for Processing a Travel Request

  1. Use the Travel Authorization form for all travel requests. Copies of these forms are available from the Service Center and from departmental offices.
  2. In submitting the request, all pertinent information must be completed, budget coding affixed, and the form must be signed by the employee, and the executive officer.
  3. The form is submitted to the Office of Procurement Services.
  4. Employees who travel in connection with the regular performance of their duties are entitled to reimbursement for their expenses as provided for in the West Virginia travel regulations.
  5. Faculty members must concurrently submit a copy of the form Shepherd University Class Arrangements for Faculty Absences to their respective department chair when a request for travel is filed.
  6. Instructors who file travel requests for field trips must submit a list of students going on the trip. This list is filed with the request when submitted to the department chair. Faculty should advise students to make arrangements with their instructors to be excused from other classes for field trips.
  7. Planning for travel to attend a professional development activity shall be in accordance with state and college travel regulations.  If funds are available, faculty and administrators may plan to attend one national meeting related to his or her field of work. Academic and administrative personnel may attend as many professional meetings within the state as funds permit and take an active role in the support of the planned activities sponsored by the different groups. Expenses incurred attending state meetings, as well as out-of-state meetings, will be charged to the respective unit budget.
  8. Requests for reimbursement for travel expenses should be submitted immediately (within three days) upon return from the trip. Expenses should be reported on the TravelExpense Account Settlement forms provided by the Service Center.