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Transferring Into or Out From Shepherd University

The SEVIS Transfer is different from the academic or program transfer. In a SEVIS Transfer, your SEVIS Record will be transferred; however, you will maintain the same SEVIS ID Number. If all transfer procedures are followed, you should not need to pay the SEVIS Fee again and any valid F-1 or J-1 visa stamp you possess at the time of the transfer will remain valid until the printed date of expiration of the visa stamp.

Transfer terminology

Program start date – the date the student’s program of study begins at an SEVP-certified school.
For more information about terminology and the transfer process, visit this page hosted by US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.


Generally, as long as J-1 Exchange Visitor is maintaining current status, s/he is eligible for a SEVIS transfer, providing the original program objective will be fulfilled as a result of the transfer.

Requesting Transfer In as an J-1 Exchange Visitor:
Non-students in J-1 visa status who are currently in the US at another University or who are completing Academic Training (AT) following a degree program, must seek a SEVIS “Transfer In” to Shepherd University if they wish to begin or continue their program.

To effect the inbound transfer, the Office of International Initiatives will need:

Name and contact information for your immigration advisor at the current school; and Financial support documents.

Your current international student advisor will receive an email notifying him/her of your intended transfer to Shepherd and requesting information about your current immigration status and SEVIS record and asking to coordinate the release date of your SEVIS record to Shepherd University. Once the record is released, the DS-2019 will be prepared.

Requesting Transfer Out as an F-1 or J-1 Student:

If you are currently at Shepherd University in J-1 status and plan to continue your program at another US university, the Office of International Initiatives will need to complete the SEVIS transfer procedure so that your new institution will be able to issue their Form DS-2019.

To effect the transfer out, OII will need a copy of your invitation letter from your new school and the contact information for that school’s immigration adviser. Once these are in hand, OII will coordinate with the new school’s immigration adviser on the transfer of your SEVIS record.