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Transfer Into or Out From Shepherd University

If an Exchange Visitor is transferring from another institution in the U.S. to Shepherd University, THE EXCHANGE VISITOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPORT TO until he/she has been released to transfer from the current institution.  This can be accomplished by following the instructions in #4 in the “Information About the Exchange Visitor” forms. These transfer rules also apply if the exchange visitor is changing departments within Shepherd University or if the exchange visitor is changing institutions. He/she will need authorization (a new DS-2019) from the losing and gaining units/schools.  In transfer-in cases, the supervisor for the exchange visitor must write a letter explaining how the work can be considered a continuation of the work begun initially. Transferring from one exchange visitor program to another will not extend the Exchange Visitors stay beyond set time limits.  Exchange visitors sponsored by a government agency cannot transfer from that government agency to Shepherd University.