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The Provost

As chief academic officer, the Provost has ultimate supervisory responsibility for the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Business, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the College of Education and Professional Studies, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources, the Division of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, the Libraries and Information Sciences, International Affairs, Study Abroad, Co-operative Education, the Martinsburg Center, the Civil War Center, RBA program, Institutional Research, and the University’s Honors Program.   The Provost is responsible to the President for the direction of the instructional program of the University including the following specific duties.

a.  Formulation of educational policies and presentation of them to the Presidentand faculty for consideration.

b.  Communication with faculty concerning new developments or trends in educational thought and practice particularly those which impact higher education.

c.  Supervision of faculty curriculums, courses, and methods of instruction at all locations, times, and academic terms.

d. Recommendation to the President for the employment, promotion, demotion, or dismissal of members of the faculty.

e. Supervision of all academic officers, including directors and deans, either directly or indirectly.

f.  Coordination of studies for accrediting agencies.

g.  Formulation of schedule of courses and final examinations for each semester and summer session.

h.  Assistance in editing the University catalog.

i.  Selection and installation of McMurran Scholars in accord with faculty recommendations.

j.  Liaison with public school personnel in the eight county service area.

k.  Implementation of academic policies and procedures such as those on absence, student grade appeal, probation and suspension.

l.  Study of the progress and academic welfare of students.

n.  Submission of reports on the status of the instructional program to the Presidentand to the faculty.

o.  Representation of the University at meetings of educational associations.

p.  Acting for the President in his/her absence.

q.  Performance of other assignments as requested by the President.