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The President-Organizational Governance

The President of the University is ultimately responsible for the governance of the institution. The President is empowered by the Board of Governors to control and direct the formulation and administration of institutional policies and is assigned the responsibility to act as the Board’s representative in carrying out delegated tasks. In addition, the President is responsible for the effective operation of the University assuring compliance with the Board of Governors’ policies and State and Federal laws.

The President establishes internal policies to provide action guidelines for all members of the campus community directing the activities of the total institution toward common goals. In formulating institutional policy, the President seeks to involve those members of the campus community who will be most directly affected by the policy and those to whom responsibility for administration of the policy has been delegated. Policies are effective upon authorization by the President.

The President expects major administrators to recommend policy and performance guidelines in their respective functional areas. In the development of policies, the President seeks the advice of major administrators who will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the policy, as well as the campus community. Recommendations regarding the administration of a policy afford the President information on the impact of the policy on the resources of the institution.