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The President-Management & Administration

As chief executive officer of Shepherd University, the President is empowered by the Board of Governors and charged with the following duties.

a.  Ultimate responsibility for total institutional governance and administration.

b.  Implementation of all Board of Governors’ policies and regulations, as well as state and federal laws.

c.  Leadership for the immediate future and long-range development of the University to meet future needs.

d.  Selection of all instructional and administrative staff.

e.  Employment, promotion, demotion, and dismissal of all members of the faculty, administration, and staff, stipulating salary and other personnel considerations.

f.  Preparation and administration of the annual budget of the University.

g.  Representation of the University to its constituencies, to the general public, and in educational groups.

h.  Direction of the public relations activities of the University and interpretation of the University program to the community.

i.  Compilation and distribution of reports to the Board of Governors to the accrediting agencies, and to the constituencies of the University.

j.  Promotion of the activities of the Shepherd University Foundation and the Alumni Association.

k.  Codification and publication of institutional policies in an administrative manual.

In implementing these responsibilities, the President delegates to major administrators specific authority for the management of the administrative divisions of the University. Each major administrator serves as chief advisor to the President in matters of policy for the units within the assigned division.