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Teachers working with English Language Learners

Teaching English as a Second Language or Other Language (TESOL) Program: Part of the Intensive English Language Program

 As English continues to expand as a medium for global communication, the demand for qualified English language instructors has increased. In addition, as non-native English-speaking immigrant populations increase in this country, teachers of English as a Second Language are needed to provide linguistic and cultural training. These developments have raised the awareness of the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL) here at Shepherd University.

Many job opportunities and graduate-level programs are dependent on TESOL certification, and even though students often have the necessary knowledge and skills for these opportunities, without a certificate, these students struggle to compete with other applicants whose institutions provide this certification. The Shepherd University TESOL program provides students with the knowledge and certification to help them meet the needs of English language learners.

The following intended student outcomes are specifically related to the curricular component of the program but involve all other features of the program as well. The TESOL Program at Shepherd University is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to:

Shepherd University TESOL Program Course Offerings

ESL Methods                                           3 credits

Teaching writing and grammar           3 credits

ESL testing and assessments                3 credits

Language and culture                             3 credits

Second language acquisition                 3 credits

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