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Table 2. Program Characteristics

Complete this table of program characteristics by entering the information requested for every program or program option offered by the EPP. Cross check the list with the programs listed in the EPP’s academic catalog, if any, as well as the list of state-approved registered programs, if applicable. Site Visitors will reference this list in AIMS during the accreditation review process.

Table 3.  EPP Characteristics

Complete a table of EPP characteristics in AIMS to provide an expanded profile by which the accreditation process is managed by CAEP staff. EPP characteristics are also used by CAEP staff in compiling CAEP’s Annual Report to the public and used as a series of filters for dashboard comparison by the EPP itself. The AIMS version of this table, in which the data are actually entered, has drop-down menus by which characteristics are selected and the table is completed.

Table 4. Clinical Evaluator Qualification Table

The clinical educator (EPP faculty & supervisors) qualifications table is completed by providing information for each of the EPP-based clinical educators.

Table 5. The Parity Table

The parity table of curricular, fiscal, facility, and administrative and support capacity for quality is used to satisfy requirements of the U.S. Department of Education and is completed by providing data relevant for the EPP and making a comparison to an EPP-determined comparative entity. The comparative entity might be another clinical EPP within a university structure, a national organization, the college or university as a whole or another entity identified as a benchmark by the EPP. Again, this chart offers an example of how the chart might be completed.

Table 7.  EPP Assessments