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Summer Session

Shepherd offers a limited number of classes during the summer session.  Determining who will teach in the summer sessions will depend upon a number of factors.  It shall be the responsibility of the Provost and college Deans to prepare a list of courses to be offered in the summer sessions.  Chairs will recommend qualified faculty to teach the courses.  A rotation plan for faculty members in the respective departments for summer teaching assignments is very strongly encouraged.  Priority will be given to faculty holding terminal degrees.

Since summer enrollment is much lower than the regular academic year, the number of faculty used in the summer sessions is limited. Therefore, faculty not returning for the academic year following a summer session generally will not be offered summer employment.  If a faculty member has signed a contract for summer teaching and resigns from Shepherd employment effective in August, the summer contract is terminable at the discretion of the University.  In summary, summer employment is dependent upon a faculty member fulfilling his or her contract for the academic year following the summer teaching assignment.

All appointments for faculty members teaching in the summer session are subject to rescission if the classes do not meet minimum enrollment requirements, as determined by the Provost.

Courses with low enrollments (less than five (5) students) will be canceled by close of business the day before summer classes start in a given session, subject to the following condition. If the enrollment is less than five (5), the instructor will be contacted by the respective College Dean or his/her designee and asked if he/she wants to teach the course on a per student basis (one-tenth of full rate per student, based on the student count at the conclusion of the add/drop period). The course will remain only if the instructor opts to teach the course on the pro-rated salary basis. Instructors must be available from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on that day if they wish to be considered for the per-student rate.  The College Deans will then notify the Registrar and the Provost. The Registrar will, after the 4:00 p.m. closing of registration on the first day, notify each College Dean of the courses with low enrollment.

Faculty members will be provided compensation for supervision of summer internships under the following conditions:

  1. A faculty member will be paid at the full prevailing summer course rate per credit hour taught comparable to other faculty members with like degrees if ten (10) or more students register for summer internship credit under his or her direction.
  2. If fewer than (10) students register for a given internship course, the faculty member will be paid on a pro-rated basis of 10% of the base pay rate per credit hour per student.
  3. A faculty member will be paid for only one internship course section during the summer.
  4. The Curriculum and Instruction Committee offers the following guidelines of documentary materials expected for departments offering summer internships courses:
  1. A written contract specifying the responsibilities of the faculty supervisor, student and internship in-site supervisor.
  2. A course syllabus and learning agreement.
  3. Documentation of student work (i.e., a journal, term paper, portfolio, or other form of documentation appropriate to the discipline.)
  4. The faculty supervisor and internship on-site supervisor communicate via paper or e-mail to ensure that the student is working satisfactorily, working the appropriate number of hours (i.e., 200 on-site hours is equivalent to 3 credit hours), and that the student’s grade is based on the above.
  5. The student’s grade is to be awarded after completion of the internship (using the university-established rules for granting the grade of I (Incomplete) when necessary, in accordance with the rules established by The Admissions and Credits Committee.