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Students: Coronavirus Important Information about Spring Break and Beyond

March 10, 2020

Dear Students,

As you prepare to leave campus for spring break, we ask that you take your textbooks, course materials, laptops, tablets, and critical personal items with you in case the University alters the academic schedule or you are not able to return to campus precisely on March 23.

Shepherd’s Campus Health Task Force is preparing for the possibility that course instruction may have to move from the classroom to online via Sakai, depending on the severity of the coronavirus over the next few days and weeks.

If the University is forced to transition to online only instruction and no in-person classroom teaching, continuing occupancy of residence halls may not be available for most resident students. Students with special need to remain in a residence hall in such circumstances should contact Residence Life. Food services options on campus may be significantly reduced. Athletic teams traveling for competitions during spring break as well as members of the band would be allowed to return to campus for their vehicles; residential student-athletes would have access to their rooms to pick up personal items.

Also be aware that, depending on where you are traveling during spring break, you may be required to quarantine in place if there are coronavirus reports in your home region or travel area, making it impossible for you to return to Shepherd after spring break.

Those of you who are traveling during spring break, please prepare a personal contingency plan and share it with your family members addressing how you plan to get home if you get sick during your spring break travels.

Emergency announcements will be disseminated via RAVE (sign up HERE) and will be posted on Shepherd’s homepage. Day-to-day announcements about coronavirus are posted HERE.

Holly Morgan Frye
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Community Relations and the Campus Health Task Force