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Storm-Kersey Memorial Scholarship Kayak Football Tournament


What is kayak football?  A blend of football, soccer, water polo, and cut-throat kayaking, kayak football is a skills training tool for Team River Runner, a social event, a physical challenge, and a ton of fun!

This event is our winter fundraiser for the Storm-Kersey Memorial Scholarship.  Held during Veterans Day weekend, this exciting event brings together several intertwined communities:  veterans and their family members and supporters, regional kayakers, Shepherdstown and Shepherd University, and the Team River Runner family.  The event includes a silent auction, a fast-paced kayak football tournament, fun family-oriented contests in the pool, and an inspirational film or speaker related to veterans and PTSD.

Fun competitions and activities at the pool:
Most Bodacious Beard
Battle of the Floaties

Wildest Ink
Submarine Kayak Race and Paddle Swim
Highest Cannonball
Playboat/Freestyle Canoe and Kayak

Registering Event Sponsors and Competitors now!

For Class II (In-Kind) Donations, contact Stacy McFarland directly by email or by phone: 304-876-5526.

A grateful Shout Out to Our  2018 Sponsors!


Click the football graphic below to see the official rules of play!