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Soliciting of Funds and Gifts

a.  Soliciting in the Name of the University

The University has granted permission to the Shepherd University Foundation and the Shepherd University Alumni Association for solicitations of donations in the name of the University. The purposes of solicitation and uses of the funds so collected are established by the University. All other solicitations, explicit or implied, in any announcement, advertisement, publication or report of any other agency using the name of Shepherd University are strictly prohibited. Any need for external solicitation of funds should be referred to the President. All fund-raising activities on behalf of the University must have the prior authorization of the President.

b.  Gifts to the University

Whenever a gift is offered to the University (the institution or any of its organizational units) by an external donor, the President should be consulted. The President, in consultation with appropriate major administrators, will determine:

Only the President can authorize the acceptance of a gift to the University.