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                ShepOWL (Shepherd’s Online Writing Lab)

*Send us your paper three or more days before it is due*


                                   View the Interactive Tutorial

How to REGISTER for ShepOWL on your Sakai site:

  1. Log onto Sakai and click on “Home” (top left hand side)
  2. On the Tool Navigation Menu (top left), click on “Membership
  3. . Click on “Joinable Sites” on the top
  4. . Select “201630-ENGL-999:01
  5. Click on “Sites” on the top right hand corner
  6. Find and click on “201630-ENGL-999:01” under PROJECTS to enter ShepOWL

Submit Your Paper to ShepOWL! (after you’ve registered)

1. Save Your Paper  (as doc, docx, pdf or rtf) with the following information on the first page:

2. Log onto Sakai and go to ShepOWL by clicking on the class: 201630-ENGL-999:01

3. Click on Assignments, and click on today’s date

4. Read the instructions and attach your file (doc, docx, pdf, rtf).

5. You should get an email confirming your submission.

Getting Feedback on your essay

  1. Check your email within 72 hours to see when the tutor has released your essay with feedback.
  2. Once you get that email, go back to Sakai, click on the date you submitted your essay and click on your Turnitin icon.
  3. Turnitin should load and you need to click on the second button on the top right hand corner to view the commentary. Click here for a visual. 

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