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Sustainable Food Production Emphasis

Regents Bachelor of Arts, Sustainable Food Production Emphasis

The R.B.A. Sustainable Food Production Emphasis prepares students with the theory, practice and real-life experience needed to manage or launch a successful sustainable agriculture production enterprise. In order to achieve the sustainable food production emphasis, students must have a grade of C or higher in the upper-division courses.

Specific General Education Requirements, 8 Hours:
ENVS 201 – Foundations in Environmental Science I (3 cr) AND
      ENVS 201L – Foundations in Environmental Science I Lab (1 cr)
ENVS 202 – Foundations in Environmental Science II (3 cr) AND
      ENVS 202L – Foundations in Environmental Science II Lab (1 cr)

Emphasis in Sustainable Food Production, 21 Hours:
Required Courses, 18 Hours:
BADM 340 – Principles of Marketing (3 cr) OR
     BADM 311 – Exploring Entrepreneurship (3 cr)
ENVS 300 – Integrated Pest Management and Lab (4 cr) OR
     ENVS 362 – Soil Science and Lab (4 cr)
ENVS 340 – Sustainable Agriculture and Lab (4 cr)
ENVS 461 – Environmental Research (6 cr) OR
     ENVS 350 – Sustainable Food Production Practicum* (6 cr)
BADM 385 – Business Externship (1 cr) OR
     ENVS 351 – Agricultural Marketing Practicum (1 cr)

Sustainable Food Production Elective, 3 Hours:
ENVS 298:ST – Special Topics in Sustainable Food Production (1-3 cr, repeatable up to 3 cr)