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Service Learning

Our Mission

The Office of Service Learning promotes, organizes, and assists campus outreach initiatives by effectively placing individual students, groups, and academic and social organizations in situations that embrace learning through service. Our goals are to foster the incorporation of community service into all areas of academic study, serve every student who wishes to expand their education with effective experiences in the community, and encourage personal development of students through hands on experiences. Our ambition is for students to discover their strengths and leadership potential, build lasting relationships with peers, staff and faculty, and experience leadership in action. These goals can be reached through our desire to make a difference in the world and our intention to successfully link reflection activities post, in service development to academic learning and development.  Service learning is an education philosophy that students learn more about a subject through hands-on service to the community than through mere lecture. In order to qualify as service learning at Shepherd University, the following six points must be met: