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Searches for Academic Deans

(1)      External searches for academic deans will be conducted under the auspices of the Office of the Provost. The composition of the search committee will be determined by the Provost in consultation with the personnel to be affected by the search. In the case of College deans, each College department will elect a member or members to serve on the search committee.

(2)        A representative of the Provost will be designated to serve as a member of all academic deans search committees. This individual will initially convene the committee and conduct the election of a search committee chair. This individual will serve as a voting member of the committee.

(3)        The search committee members will elect a chair from among the tenured faculty members of the committee. Departments are strongly urged to have tenured faculty members serve on the committee.

(4)        The candidate(s) brought to campus will be interviewed by personnel selected by the search committee after consultation with the Provost’s representative on the committee and the Provost.

(5)        The search committee members will ensure that a written record of all committee meetings, votes, and recommendations is maintained and, once the search is completed, is placed on file in the office of the Provost.

(6)        The search committee members will provide the Provost with a statement that will indicate the committee’s prioritized list of recommended candidate(s) for the position, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of all candidates interviewed for the position.

(7)      In the case of an internal search for an academic dean or in the conversion of an interim appointment to a regular appointment, the President may adapt these processes as appropriate to the circumstances of the specific position to be filled.