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A.  Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes for each semester and summer session is recommended by each of the Colleges and submitted to the Provost and the Registrar. It is the duty of the Registrar to see that a workable master schedule of all classes is prepared from these recommendations. The schedule of classes for any regular semester includes a listing of planned course offerings for the following regular semester.

Schedules are duplicated well in advance of each semester or summer session. They are distributed by the Registrar’s Office. Changes after the schedule is circulated to the public are made only in unusual circumstances by authorization of the Registrar.

b.  Class Periods

Class instruction time is regulated to meet federal compliance definitions of the credit hour. The normal daytime class period is 50 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and 75 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. Classes may be scheduled for periods of different duration when meeting in the evenings, on Saturdays, and in the summer sessions. All classes should begin on time and end promptly. Any change in the time and place set for the class meeting must be approved by the College Dean and the Provost.

C.  Class Enrollments

Classes which do not meet minimum enrollment requirements are subject to cancellation. Small classes may be scheduled in the event of special circumstances, with the approval of the College Dean and the Provost.  The Graduate Dean approves for graduate courses.

d.  Classroom Assignments

Classes are assigned in buildings and rooms by the Registrar, based upon recommendations of College Deans and with the approval of the Provost.

If after registration is completed the classroom assigned for any class is insufficient in size or needed equipment, the instructor should request a change in classroom from the registrar.

e.  Final Examinations

University policy requires that final examinations, when included as part of course requirements, be given at the end of each semester and summer term. A schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar establishes each semester’s final examination period; the final day or days of each summer term are reserved for final examinations. All final examinations are to be administered at the published time, unless other arrangements are approved by the Provost.

f.  Syllabus Checklist

In accordance with federal compliance and accreditation guidelines, a course syllabus is to be provided to each student, at the beginning of the semester in which the course is held, for each course taught by a faculty member. The Syllabus Checklist is available through the Center for Teaching, Learning and Instructional Resources.