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How much can I upload to Sakai? (Is there a disk quota?)

We currently set the disk quota at 1 Gb per Sakai site. If necessary this can be increased by contacting

Here is a procedure to upload larger files to your Resources in Sakai:  Click here Transferring Files to Sakai using Cyberduck

Why can’t my students log into Sakai?

Login to Sakai by using your Shepherd email username and password. For Login problems, see Login Help from the main Sakai portal page (before you login to Sakai).

Why can’t my students see my class/site?

There are several reasons why your student(s) may not be able to get in to your class/site.

1. Your site is not published.

If your site is not published, no one with access or student permissions will be able to see it. To publish your worksite, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Site Editor in your class/site
  2. Click the Manage Access action button
  3. Make sure the check box next to Publish Site is checked
  4. Click Update to save your changes

2. Your roster is not added officially.

Your Roster is automatically generated. Once the information has been stored into the Registrar it is then transferred to Sakai. Usually, the information takes about 24-48 hours to be registered.

3. Add/Drop Students.

Students may be dropped from your class/site if:

4. They have just recently registered for your class.

If the student has just registered for your class it may take a day for their registration status to be reflected within Sakai.

Why is my roster missing some of my students?

The database that feeds your rosters is updated once a day. We ask that you allow 24 – 48 hours for Sakai to acknowledge roster changes. Students registering for your class will not be instantly added to your roster on Sakai. Their names would show up on your roster in 24-48 hours.

If a student absolutely must be on your worksite, feel free to add them as a Student Observer. How to add a Guest login:

  1. You will first need to enter the class/site
  2. Go to Site Editor (located at left column)
  3. Select Add Participants (located at top of window, 3rd tab from left)
  4. In the window called Username, put in the first part of the student email leave out the
  5. Choose a role for the participant (in this case, Student Observer)
  6. Select finish

Your Guest account is now in your Sakai class/site.

My students say they submitted their document, but I can’t see it. Why?

Submitting an attached file requires two steps: one to attach the file and a second to actually submit it. Sometimes students do only the first step, thinking they are done with the submission.


We strongly urge you to save everything before you place it into the Sakai environment. There have been many that have lost their work because:

We cannot express this enough…Save your work!!!