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Sakai is Shepherd University’s learning management system. Sakai is an open source and license-free system, costs considerably less than other proprietary systems, and offers comparable functionality and use. It is available to all faculty, employees, and students that have a valid SU account. Sakai provides a flexible and feature-rich environment for teaching, learning, research, and other collaboration. Click on the Sakai logo to enter into the Sakai portal.


Check out some instructional videos on the Sakai Training website
Click  Sakai Training Videos

Techshop Video Fall 2018 – Overview of Sakai – Click Here

Techshop Video Fall 2018 – Postem and Sign-up Tools – Click Here

Here is an online training guide for Sakai:  Click Here

Sakai Instructions and Guides

Sakai Site Entrance: In order to gain entrance into a site you must have a valid Shepherd network account. To obtain this information click here or you can contact

Some things to Consider when using Sakai

Navigation: The navigation menu located on the left side of the screen is ideally used to find your way through Sakai. The browser “back” button is not usually the best to navigate through the Sakai system. There is bread crumb system at the top so you can get back to the original window.

There are two main areas in Sakai: the Sites area and the Home area. Sites are often used for courses, for departments, or for collaboration. A site is where material such as syllabus, announcements, and discussions are placed. An example of a class/site name could be titled 201080 MUSC 311:01. Usually, sites are named with the following like titles.

Remember these would follow the 2020-2021 Academic calendar.

There are two places to access your Sakai sites once you have logged in. First, your sites/classes can be seen at the top. Second, you can also obtain your site/classes by using the Sites tab located to the far top-right of the Sakai screen. You can enter the class/site simply by clicking the left-click mouse over the name of the class/site. Once you have clicked on the name of the class/site you will arrive in the Home page of the designated class/site. Announcements, calendar dates, and instructor information can be seen here. The links/navigation located in the left area will allow entrance into any content that is within the Sakai class/site.  To add classes to the top of your Sakai list, click Sites then check the star next to the name of the site.  Close the Sites area and you will be asked to reload the page.  Then you will see the sites at the top.

For more information about the tools, see the built-in help system. Many sites will have a “Help” link in the left margin. In addition, there is a help icon (a question mark) at the upper right of most windows in Sakai.

Your Personal Workspace

In addition to site, every user has a personal Home , selected by the “Home” tab. This contains