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Response to Student-Instigated Threats

A student who has damaged, or has threatened to damage, the person or property of a university employee has both violated state law and university regulations established in accordance with Board of Governors’ policy. An injured or threatened employee possesses the right, and in most instances, has the responsibility to inform university authorities and/or law enforcement officials.

In order to initiate university disciplinary procedures in such matters, the employee must submit a written complaint to the Dean of Students, or designee, and the Campus Police. This complaint should be made as specific and thorough as possible. It should cite potential witnesses’ testimony and other corroborating evidence whenever available. The complaint should be submitted within a reasonable time after the offense has occurred.

Whether to inaugurate university disciplinary procedures, legal procedures, or both, depends on factors such as the nature, severity, and location of the student act and the evidence available. A threat or injury that occurs on university property is subject to the University disciplinary process, and simultaneous resort to the Campus Police.  For off-campus incidents, the jurisdiction of the University is less clear; thus appeal to other law enforcement officials would seem an appropriate first step in such cases. Nonetheless, the University may assume jurisdiction over students’ off-campus actions, for discipline, when the institution’s interests as an academic community are involved. Therefore, an employee should notify the Dean of Students who will explore the desirability, feasibility and suitability of pursuing university disciplinary action.