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Required COVID-19 Testing for Spring Semester 2021

DATE: January 7, 2021

Hello students!

No doubt about it, this has been a challenging time for you.  Trying to be a college student in a pandemic is not easy – but it’s not impossible either! You can do this, but you need to know you’re not alone and that we are here to help you. The entire Division of Student Affairs is fully prepared to support you through this next semester, and we will be here to celebrate your success at its completion.


  1. We need you to be COVID tested before the semester begins.
  2. We need to know if you plan to be on campus as this will determine if and when you need to be tested
  3. ACTION ITEM – Answer the following survey to provide this information: COVID Testing: STUDENTS


  1. Testing will take place in the Wellness Center, 164 University Drive
  2. You must bring your Rambler
  3. You will be given a dated, verification card to prove you have been tested which you will need when on campus

Keep your mask on, stay 6’ from everyone, wash your hands and stay well!

Holly Morgan Frye                          

Vice President for Student Affairs and
Director of Community Relations
Chair of Campus Health Task Force