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Requesting J Student status

Prospective students desiring to study at Shepherd University, whether on short-term, semester, academic year exchange or for a full degree program must first seek admission. If as an exchange student, I-t is very important to highlight that and to follow up with an email to the International Admissions team. Often a pre-coordinated course plan is needed as part of the admissions process for an exchange student–this ensures proper placement and clears the way for credit transfer at the conclusion of the exchange period.

Once admission has been granted, the form DS-2019 will be prepared and sent along with otherĀ pre-arrival information and theĀ DS-2019 Welcome Letter. Included in this information is the J-1 Compliance form, which contains very important information about maintaining status, benefits, and cautions associated with J visa status. Of particular note is the section on the two-year home residency requirement, which may apply.