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Request for Comments

The Board delegates to the President the authority to initiate the procedures under this policy by giving notice to faculty, staff, students and any other interested parties, including the Chancellor, of a determination to present a proposed or current policy of the Board for review or adoption. This notice shall solicit comments and suggestions regarding the determination. 

July 18, 2023- – Notice of Proposed Amendment to Policy 2, Organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments or Other Administrative Units;

July 18, 2023:  Restructuring Summary; Current 4 Colleges; Adapted 4 College Model; 3 College Model; 2 College Model; Current Release Time; Adjusted 4 College Release Time; 3 College Release Time; 2 College Release Time

August 16, 2023 Update:  3 College ModelSummary; Revised Policy 2 Addendum – Organizational Structure