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Ram Family Resource Center


At Shepherd University, we strive to partner with you, the family member (parent, guardian, significant other, or support network). We appreciate the commitment you have for your students’ success and this same commitment is reflected with the Shepherd’s promise of excellence, which embraces our five core values; Learning, Engagement, Integrity, Accessibility, and Community. We value the relationships established with family members, as you are an important component to your students’ success.

Often times, students face challenges and can become overwhelmed or confused as they encounter periods of self–exploration. We know from experience that family members can often make such complications easier to overcome; however, assisting your student is not always easy and can provide its own unique set of challenges.

The content in this website will connect you with valuable resources, which will inform and educate you about important student transitions. We are here to offer you support so that you can provide the necessary guidance, direction, advice to your student.