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Public Relations/University Communications

a.  With the Board of Governors and Other State Agencies

Official communication with the Board of Governors, the Higher Education Policy Commission, and the Chancellor is the purview of the President. University employees are generally expected by the Board office to direct communications through the President, a major administrator of the University, or through a recognized constituency group.

When corresponding with staff of the Policy Commission, major administrators and other employees should direct a carbon copy of the letter to the President.

A copy of each official institutional report completed is to be sent to the President’s Office at the same time the report is made to the requesting agency.

b.  With the Media and the General Public

The University is interested in maintaining constantly the goodwill and confidence of its constituencies and the public at large. To this end, it is expected that each faculty and staff member will contribute something to the sum total of the goodwill enjoyed by the University through the excellence of instruction, off-campus professional appearances and social contacts on the campus and in the community.

All publicity for mass circulation media (either print or broadcast) is to be coordinated by the Executive Director of University Communications. Persons contacted directly by the media should inform the Executive Director or, where appropriate, refer the caller to the Executive Director.

c.  With Alumni

The Office of Alumni Affairs is to be notified concerning changes in alumni addresses. Use of alumni address records is not permitted except in the official work of the University or at the discretion of the President.

d.  General

Confidential student information is made available only in accordance with the Right to Privacy section of Guidelines and Policies Affecting Student Life. These are printed in the appendix of the Student Handbook. Additional information is available from the Dean of Students.

Directories of employee names and addresses shall be released only to official governmental agencies. Such requests shall be properly documented in writing and release authorized by the appropriate major administrator.

Official investigators who wish to examine university records are to be referred to the President’s Office.