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Proctoring and Test Accommodations Information

Proctoring & Test Accommodations Information

Although there is no time limit on when faculty must be notified by a student wanting to utilize their approved accommodations, the [confidential] approved accommodation letter should be given to each professor as early as possible during the semester, preferably prior to or during the first week of class. This should be done in a meeting during the professor’s office hours. For each semester a student intends to use their granted accommodations, they must provide a copy of their Disability Support Services Accommodation Letter to [each] faculty/staff member in which they are a registered student in the course.

This communication will happen at the discretion of the student. The student is responsible for communicating granted accommodations to their instructor by sharing the DSS provided Accommodation Letter located in their Disability Support Services Sakai DropBox.

Every student registered with the Shepherd University Disability Support Services Office has a DSS Site on their Sakai account. Accommodation Letters as well as pertinent DSS documentation and announcements are available on this Sakai site. Students may use their academic accommodations once it has been communicated with their instructor.

FYI’s about DSS Test Proctoring

If you are a student granted testing accommodations, or a faculty preparing to submit an assessment for a student, please review the following description of possible accommodations so that one is familiar with appropriate accommodation use.

Testing accommodations may include, but are not limited to: