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President’s Leadership Philosophy

Shepherd University today reflects a rich history of shared governance. The University, as a thriving community of learners and creators of knowledge, illustrates the benefits of inclusive decision-making. Today, the Board of Governors, the faculty, the classified and non-classified staff, and the students all contribute to the positive working and learning environment that is Shepherd University. The university president safeguards this environment through collaboration and a leadership approach that is respectful of the individuals who comprise the Shepherd University family. The president recognizes and protects the importance of placing the needs of the university before individual or programmatic priorities.

The president’s role is strengthened by timely notice of key issues and open communication about matters pertaining to the university. Once major issues or requests have been clearly articulated, the executive staff is delegated the authority to respond as fitting the area of oversight. Through continuous consultation and civil communication, ongoing issues may be addressed in a timely and responsive manner. In instances where governance policy has not been established, the president will seek the counsel of appropriate persons and groups. In appeals of such policy or processes, the president acts as final arbitrator.

Each individual faculty member, employee, and student contributes to a successful learning and working environment at Shepherd University. Students are guided by faculty and staff to attain their fullest personal and intellectual development, just as faculty and staff can achieve their fullest development in a working environment that is welcoming and enriching. The Shepherd University president safeguards and nourishes these important processes and relationships, thus supporting and embracing Shepherd’s progress toward its fullest potential.