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Potomac Place


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Opened August 2017, Shepherd’s newest, 5-story, 81,000 square foot residence hall includes 298 beds and numerous amenities. Scroll to see rooms and furniture’s specifications.


Room Drawings*

Two Person Suite with Single Person Bedrooms**

Room Dimensions:

8 feet and 6 inches width

12 and 3 inches depth

Four Person Suite with Two Person Bedrooms***

Room Dimensions:

13 feet width

16 feet and 9 inches depth

*Please note that several rooms in Potomac Place may vary from the above drawings due to building structure and shape.
**Please note that two person single person bedroom suites will be given to those with ADA accommodations first and then Residence Life will determine how we can determine the remainder of the single rooms. These are also the only single rooms that are available in Potomac Place.
***Please note that two person bedrooms cannot be bought out as singles for the 2017-18 academic year.

Room Specifications

Double-occupancy room

Single-occupancy room

Furniture Measurements

Regular-height bed

Loft-height bed