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Program Board Waiver and Emergency Contact Questionnaire

The undersigned (Participant) hereby acknowledges that he/she has chosen to participate in a recreational field trip to the event designated below.

I understand that this is a non-refundable purchase and that all sales are final.

The Participant acknowledge and accepts that he/she wishes to participate in this activity and understands that a variety of others will be participating, whose conduct cannot be fully controlled by the University.

The Participant is advised that exposure to certain risks of injury may be associated with any recreational experience.  The Participant acknowledges that Shepherd University has no means of fully controlling such risks and The Participant does hereby assume such risks.

The Participant further acknowledges that they are cautioned and instructed by Shepherd University to carefully obey all instructions of supervising personnel during the course of the recreational experience.

The Participant understands that failure to comply with directions of supervising staff and personnel may result in the Participant being barred from transportation to or from the event.

If Participant fails to meet at the designated pick up/return locations at the designated time, Participant acknowledges that he/she will be responsible for his/her own return transportation arrangements and expenses.

In consideration of the willingness of Shepherd University to permit The Participant to engage in such recreational experience, the Participant does by his/her signature below waive any claims which may now exist or which may arise in any relation to University recreational program, and does release Shepherd University and its employees, officers, and agents from same.

I agree to the terms above and my information is accurate. (Required)
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