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Pay Checks

a.  Issuance

The Payroll Office prepares all documents for payment and submits them to the  State Auditor’s Office in Charleston for payroll processing. There are two options to receive your paycheck, 1) direct deposit or 2) West Virginia pay card (Visa prepaid card).

Pursuant to State law, employees are paid in arrears every other Friday. If a holiday falls on a payday, paychecks will be processed the previous Thursday.

b.  Direct Deposit of paychecks

Electronic deposit of paychecks directly to the employee’s checking or savings account is available for most banks in the United States. New employees are encouraged to use direct deposit. Enrollment forms are available at the Human Resources Office or the Business Office and on the Human Resources and Payroll websites. Employees not signed up for direct deposit will be automatically enrolled in the West Virginia Pay card program. More information on the pay card can be found on the State Auditors website at