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The limitation of faculty teaching loads to 12 semester hours is very strongly supported.  Students need and deserve the guidance and counseling which professors can give them as they progress through the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Professors are encouraged to enrich their teaching through professional reading, continuing graduate study, and taking trips, which provide experiences, related to teaching assignments.  Additional time should also be spent in service to the University and the community.

There may be circumstances where the Department Chairs/School Directors may need to recommend additional hours for a faculty member.  Established reasons for approval of recommended overloads include: the teaching of a course when other qualified personnel cannot be identified; the distributing of more equitable student credit hour loads among faculty; and the opportunity to teach a graduate course in the professor’s specialized field.

Recommendations for faculty to teach beyond the normal 12-hour load are to be made according to the following guidelines.

a.  The respective Department/School and College Deans will make recommendations to the Provost/VPAA on requests for extra courses to be taught.

b.  Faculty who hold the doctorate and/or who have special preparation in particular fields will receive first consideration for extra teaching assignments, especially those assignments which are remunerative.

c.  Faculty should use professional discretion in assuming any extra teaching

d.  A justification should be included in all Human Resources actions for the overload.