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Outside Employment

a.  Outside Activities on University Time

Appointments to a full-time position at the University are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The employee shall render full-time service to the University.  Outside activities shall not be restricted unless such activities or employment interfere with the adequate performance of duties.  Periodic review of outside services will be conducted by supervisors.
  2. If outside employment or service interferes with the performance of regularly assigned duties of the employee, the University has the right to make such adjustments in the compensation paid to the employee as are warranted by the employee’s services lost to the University, and by the employee’s use of institutional equipment and materials.
  3. Any professional or faculty employee of Shepherd University is required to obtain institution approval from the President for any outside work done for profit in the employee’s field of expertise.
  4. Faculty and all employees must avoid any outside employment or for-profit enterprise which might create any form of professional conflict of interest.

b.  Consulting

The University encourages personnel to serve as consultants to area College systems, industries, and organizations.  Naturally, the employee’s responsibilities to the University will take precedence over requests from others for services, but if satisfactory arrangements can be made and approved by the employee’s supervisors, the individual is encouraged to accept a request from a party desiring specified services.

The employee who accepts an invitation to serve as a consultant with supervisory approval will not receive a reduction in salary for the period of absence from work.  For this reason, any person serving as a consultant while in the employ of the University is requested not to accept an honorarium for services.  One exception to this policy will be if the requesting agency is willing to pay expenses for mileage, meals, and lodging.  Then, the employee is encouraged to accept such payments, thus realizing a savings of university funds.

Requests for other exceptions to this policy should be directed to the employee’s supervisor and to the respective major administrator, who will make a recommendation to the President.  Extra compensation for teaching off-campus classes or classes outside the regular workday (non-faculty personnel) is not subject to this policy; nor are assignments accepted by employees on annual leave.  All such outside employment must have the prior approval of the President.