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Shepherd University Faculty Handbook

Excerpt from the Shepherd University Faculty Handbook 2018-2019 (page 140) regarding:

Grants and Contracts

The University strongly encourages faculty and staff to apply for grants and external funding to enhance the basic educational mission of the institution.

The following policy should govern such submissions.

  1. Those fellowship applications, which require release time, sabbaticals, and institutional matching funds, should have the prior approval of the Provost.
  2. Those grant proposals, which require institutional approval, should be processed according to the following steps.

– B1. The grant proposal should be discussed with the chief administrative officer in that area. In Academic Affairs, the College Dean and the Provost should be consulted for review and approval prior to final submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs. The draft of a budget should be discussed with the Vice President for Finance, or designee, as soon as possible, and always prior to any commitment of the University. The University sets overhead rates annually. Those organizations or agencies not paying overhead rates should be identified to the Vice President for Finance.

– B2. The routing sheet shall be used for each grant proposal indicating who has received the same.

– B3. The Vice President for Finance shall review all funding and institutional data submitted in the proposal for accuracy of the same. In the absence of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Comptroller shall review and sign the proposal; in the absence of the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students shall review the proposal and sign off; in the absence of the Provost, the Assistant Provost shall review and sign off.

– B4. The President shall sign off on behalf of the institution. In the absence of the President, the Provost or designee shall have the authority to sign off.