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Orientation Step 1: Transfer Students

Transfer students must come to the Orientation session listed below. More information will be sent to you on how to complete the reservation process. To ensure complete confidentiality of the materials created specifically for you, please bring your ID with you to Orientation.

January 11, 2019 Student Schedule

Orientation Step 1: A&R is designed specifically to help you make a smooth transition from a previous college or university, or as you return to Shepherd

Please make arrangements with family and work obligations in order to be on campus the entire day as this session is typically a full day program.

What To Bring:

What Is Included:

Photo ID Sessions with faculty advisors to plan your schedule
Pencil/Pen and Paper Campus Tour (optional)
Cell Phone All materials specific to each student
Jackets or Sweaters (meeting rooms may be cold) Registration for classes and leaving with your class schedule
Comfortable walking shoes A transcript evaluation
Health Forms (if need/if completed) Answers to your questions!

Note that part of the registration process includes a transcript evaluation.

How long will Orientation Step I: A&R last?