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On-the-Job injuries/Accidents

On-the-job injuries/accidents should be reported to the supervisor as soon as possible after they occur. The employee must submit a written report of the accident to the designated supervisor no later than 24 hours after the injury occurs. All accidents must be reported, regardless of whether they result in a Workers Compensation claim.

The Shepherd University Accident Report Form is to be completed when any accident or injury occurs on the campus or during an approved off-campus function. The staff member in charge should assume responsibility for completion of the form. A copy of the form is filed in the Business Office, the Office of Human Resources, and the University Health Center and with the employee.

The following procedures should be followed for all work-related injuries:

a.  Injured employees will provide their own transportation to the hospital if:

  1. The employee is capable of driving without any impairment from the injury.
  2. A personal vehicle is readily available.

b.  If personal transportation is not possible due to either of the conditions above, the staff/faculty member (or an appointee employed by the University) will transport the employee for further medical assistance in a state vehicle.

During regular office hours, vehicles may be obtained from Physical Plant Department; outside of regular hours, security may be able to provide a vehicle. If a state vehicle is not available, the injured employee or other person should arrange for private transportation.

After first aid and necessary medical assistance, the staff/faculty member present will complete the Accident Report Form. Be sure to record all conditions leading to the accident and forward all copies to the offices identified for distribution.

The Office of Human Resources will contact the family of the injured employee when such a call is appropriate. If the person completing the Accident/Injury Report is unable to reach the Office of Human Resources, and a serious accident has occurred, then the staff/faculty member in charge should notify the employee’s family regarding the nature of the injury/accident.

Special rules apply to leave-related on-the-job injuries and are specified under the policies on leave.