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Next Steps: Summer 2017

Already Registered For The Shepherd Success Academy? Here Are Your Next Steps:

  1. Textbooks: You have attended orientation and secured your Fall 2017 class schedule.  Now it is time to start thinking about when, where and how to get your textbooks.  In order to succeed in each class you must have the assigned textbooks for that class.
    • When: Starting on August 1st 2017, your textbooks will be available on the bookstore website.  You have the option to buy or rent new or used textbooks.  You can also use the “Textbook Price Compare” tool to compare the bookstore prices with online prices.  If you plan to order your textbooks somewhere else online (such as amazon or ), you should plan to do so as soon as they are available on the bookstore website (Aug 1st).  When purchased online, books can take up to a month to arrive so they should not be purchased one week before the semester starts.  Books can also be purchased in person in the bookstore during orientation or the first week of classes.
    • Where:  You can order books on the bookstore website.  You can pick up/purchase books in the bookstore located in the very bottom of the student center.
    • How: You can find out which textbooks are required for each class by looking them up here.  Have your class schedule in front of you when you register for classes so you can type in the necessary information.
    • Why: Why take care of this over the summer?  You will be very busy during the first week of classes, and taking care of your textbooks ahead of time will free up time for you to focus on schoolwork.  Looking up the costs of your textbooks early in the summer allows you to prepare and save to pay for the books at the start of the semester.

**Take good care of your textbooks–you can sell them back at the end of the semester and put that money toward purchasing your spring textbooks.

2.  Housing: If you are living on campus, it is time to start preparing for your move into one of our residence halls.  If you are unsure of what to bring to campus for your room, check out our packing suggestions.

3.  School Supplies: Buying your school supplies over the summer will allow you to be prepared for your first week of classes.  In order to stay organized, you should have one notebook dedicated to each class (or a five-subject notebook), and one folder dedicated to each class to store loose-leaf papers and your syllabus.  A pencil case to store pens and other miscellaneous items is a good idea as well.

4.  Class Schedule: Getting lost and showing up late to your first day of class is never a good first impression!  if Shepherd’s campus is new to you, consider coming to campus one day this summer to walk through your daily class schedule, and locate your buildings and classrooms.  Time how long it takes you to walk from place to place, including your residence hall if you live on campus, so there are no surprises the first week of class.

5. Financial Aid: Log in to RAIL to accept your financial aid offers (grants, loans, and scholarships). Once in RAIL, accept your offers by going to financial aid>award for aid year>accept award offer.  If you have questions or concerns about accepting your awards contact the Office of Financial Aid to set up an appointment at (304) 876 5470.

6. Keep an eye out for letters/emails from your success coach over the summer!