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Multicultural Student Affairs Programming 2015-2016

International Student Welcome Back Program

September 9, 2015
Scarborough Library

Luncheon to welcome our new international students and to welcome back our returning International students.

Activism 101 with David Romero

November 12, 2015
Cumberland Room

A Multicultural Leadership Team open forum session on activism. Guest speaker, spoken word poet, and activist David Romero presented a workshop on how to take part in and organize constructive activism in communities.

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story with Mark Strauss

December 1, 2015
Erma Ora Byrd Hall

Guest speaker, author, artist, and Holocaust survivor Mark Strauss, shared his story of how he endured through one of the worst periods in world history.

Red Hoop Pow Wow

February 6, 2016
Storer Ballroom

An all-nations gathering organized by Reed Brown Jr., an Oglala Lakota, that showcased Native American food, music and dance.

Storer College Faculty Award Ceremony

February 25, 2016
Storer Ballroom

Dr. Richard Stevens was awarded the Storer College Faculty Award. This award recognizes a member of the faculty at Shepherd who incorporates diversity and social justice into the classroom, research, scholarship, and interaction with students.
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Phenomenal Women

March 30, 2016
Storer Ballroom

Two women, Rhonda Jackson and Emily Ewoldt, were recognized at the first annual Phenomenal Women awards ceremony. This award was established to celebrate the women of Shepherd University as well as to recognize two women specifically for showcasing all the great things women contribute to our society and for empowering our students who identify as women to be active and inspirational members of society.
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