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FAQs + Tuition

What is the Martinsburg Center?
Shepherd University opened a campus in Martinsburg in June of 2013.  Although at a separate location, the building serves students in the same capacity as much as can be duplicated in Shepherdstown.  The Martinsburg Center will effectively serve the area’s non-traditional students and will deliver Shepherd University’s outstanding academic instruction to adult’s seeking degree completion in the region while offering a convenient location, flexible hours, and affordable price.


Where is the Martinsburg Center located?
I-81, Exit 16E Edwin Miller Boulevard
261 Aikens Center
Martinsburg, WV 25404

All visitors should report to room 109 for assistance.

Click here for directions

When can I speak with an advisor about the programs being offered or the program I am interested in?
Students will be able to schedule one-on-one appointments at the Center with representatives by contacting the center at 304-263-3303.
Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.

What programs does the Martinsburg Center offer?

When is the application deadline?
After all application materials and credentials have been received, the Office of Admissions will notify the applicants of its decisions on a rolling admissions basis as long as openings remain in the classes.  To complete an online application, please click HERE.

What are the tuition and fees associated with the Martinsburg Center?
To view the breakdown of tuition and fees, click here.

How do I apply if I am an International Student?

How do I pay for classes?
Students can pay for their classes by credit card through their online RAIL account or by contacting the Business Office at 304-876-5284. The Center does not have the capability to accept payments directly. Trained staff are available to assist with the payment process and can be reached at 304-263-3303. Several payment plans are available to students. Please click here for more information.

How do I register for classes (online, in person, etc)?
As part of this convenient support system, students will be able to access all enrollment processes through a streamlined one-stop service model that includes online communication with an admissions counselor, submitting an admission application, filing Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms, registering for classes, and paying tuition bills. You can look up the list of classes being offered at Shepherd University and the Martinsburg Center here.

Will classes be offered on weekends and evenings?
Center operating hours are convenient for the working adult.
Monday through Thursday; 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. (or 15 minutes after the last class concludes) when classes are in session. If classes finish before 10 p.m., the building may close early.  On Fridays the center closes at 2:00pm; we begin locking doors at 1:45pm.  Classes are tailored to meet the various needs of the adult learner. These may include accelerated formats, traditional models, and classes offered during convenient times. Classes are taught via in-seat, online, and hybrid delivery methods.

What are hybrid courses?
A hybrid learning model is a continuum that blends online learning with face-to-face classroom experience.

Will my courses transfer? If so, how and when will I know how this will happen?
The Office of the Registrar will assist admissions counselors with the evaluation of transfer credits. You must have an official transcript sent to Shepherd by your previous school. No credits will be evaluated or posted based on an unofficial transcript of any kind. The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar work together with the academic coordinators to evaluate your credits in an expeditious manner, and will make every effort to have an evaluation ready by the time of registration. A major must be declared as different majors impose special restrictions. If you change majors, the way your transfer credits apply to your new degree program may also change.

Where do I purchase books?
Course materials can be purchased using the Shepherd University Bookstore’s website (click here to access). SUMC has its own website, apart from the general Shepherd University Bookstore site. Please use the link provided when ordering. Textbooks are available to purchase new or used and many titles are available for rental. The Bookstore will ship orders directly to students or arrangements can be made to pick up orders at the Shepherd University Bookstore, located in Shepherdstown on the ground floor of the Student Center.

How do I pay for my books?
You can choose to pay out of pocket or use your financial aid refund to purchase textbooks through the Shepherd University Bookstore. If you are paying out of pocket, you will follow the steps to order books and choose the method of payment you would like to use (credit or pay at pick-up).

Will there be computer access at the Martinsburg Center?
Yes, rooms 114 and 122 have student use desk top computers.  Small printing jobs, up to (5) pages may be printed in room 114.  However, the printer is not designed for large print jobs and paper will be restricted.  Abusing the free printing privilege may result in the removal of the printer.  Please note that no children, food or drink is permitted in the conference rooms or near the computers.)  If you are experiencing problems with a computer or device you can email or Phone: 304-876-5457.

There will also be laptops available for check-out. Three (3) casual use laptops will be available at the front desk for students to check their email, browse the web, etc. The Martinsburg Center also has a mobile computer lab available for faculty, staff, and students for academic use. In order to keep the laptops clean and in working condition, follow these simple guidelines:

How do Martinsburg Center students gain access to Scarborough Library services?
Martinsburg Center students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels may access Scarborough Library services through its webpages.

Students may also pick up and return books at the Scarborough Library located on the Shepherdstown campus.

library’s website:

Library hours:

Off Campus access:  use Sakai username and password

Does the Martinsburg Center offer room rentals or student use conference rooms?
Yes, for more information, contact the Martinsburg Center at  Students must be present and show ID to gain access to rooms he/she reserves.  Only pre-approved visitors may use instructional space or conference rooms (please keep in mind, we typically charge for the use of these rooms).  There should be no food or drink of any kind in the conference rooms or near the computers.  Visitors, anyone that is not pre-approved in the room rental/reservation or anyone whom is not currently enrolled, as well as children are restricted to room 109 unless other arrangements have been made with the Center Director.  For their own safety, children should be accompanied at all times by a parent or other adult in room 109.  Students may print up to (5) pages in the conference rooms.  Printing is not available for large projects.  Paper may be obtained by visiting room 118 during IT hours.

Are room rentals just for Faculty/Students?
No.  The Martinsburg Center is a multi-functional learning facility. Companies/Businesses/Organizations may use space for business training and professional development at a competitive rate often less than other facilities.  A room rental form is required to be completed for the use of space.  For more information, contact the Martinsburg Center at

What is the protocol for inclement weather?
Shepherd University Martinsburg Center will follow any cancellations or delays that Shepherd University in Shepherdstown implements. Shepherd University’s Cancellation Policy can be found here. There is a text/email alert system, known as RAVE, that alerts students of any cancellations or delays. Students may register for RAVE by clicking here.

Am I able to bring food and drinks into the facility?
The Food and Drink Policy is in line with that of Shepherd University’s Scarborough Library. Please help us keep the center clean and orderly by following these simple guidelines:

Is smoking allowed at the Martinsburg Center?
Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct located in the Student Handbook. Help us keep the center clean and orderly by following these simple guidelines:

Are there services available for those with disabilities?
Disability Support Services at Shepherd University believes that every student should succeed, and works closely with students to meet their needs. Students requesting any disability related accommodation should contact Accessibility Services at 304-876-5122 or for more information visit or email:

I need assistance with my classes, what services are available to me?
Please visit our Academic Support Services information sheet to view what services are provided to Shepherd University Martinsburg Center students.  If you need assistance writing in APA format, click here.

What if I am interested in Education Professional Development or non-credit courses?
 Shepherd University offers Professional Development in Education (EDPD), Continuing Education, Lifelong Learning, and Graduate Studies.

Are Firearms of any kind permitted?

Firearms and other weapons: Firearms of all forms are prohibited on campus. Blank pistols, taser guns, air rifles, air pistols, paint ball guns, archery equipment, swords, and sharp tools such as axes, hatchets, and knives with blades in excess of four inches in length are prohibited on campus. Any student violator will face misconduct process. Employees will be treated as gross misconduct. Other persons will be directed to immediately leave campus property under penalty of trespass and/or any other applicable criminal violation.

*All rules written in the Shepherd University Student Code of Conduct must be followed at all times. Not doing so could result in, but not limited to, expulsion from Shepherd University.

To learn more about the Shepherd University Martinsburg Center, please complete an inquiry form at: