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Maintenance Requests

Facilities Work Order Requests

Maintenance Request Form

A Work Order is filed when there is a concern about your room in regards to electrical, heating, cooling, lighting, or other concerns. Please follow the instructions below to ensure reporting a concern properly.

Submitting A Maintenance Request

1) Click the link and login to the “Good Living Portal”

2) Click the top navigation button that reads “More Tasks”

3) A drop down menu should appear and you will need to click “Maintenance Requests”

4) A form will appear where you select the appropriate hall, room number, category of work, description title, and a detailed description of the concern or request.

5) Your work order will be saved and you will be given a work order number, and you are able to request updates by referring to the work order number. Additionally, any updates that Residence Life gets will be updated to your profile and you can check your profile under maitenance requests to see if work has been completed.

6) Please review the form carefully before submitting. If you have any questions, please contact your RA, building supervisor, or the Residence Life Office (304-876-5172; Thank you!

IT Services

If you are experiencing issues with computers, ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, or other IT related, items, please contact IT services directly through one of the methods below. For more information, visit IT services.

Email address:
Phone numbers: 304-876-5457 (Main Campus)
304-263-3066 (Martinsburg Center)
Locations: Main Campus: Basement of the Scarborough Library in the Learning Commons Martinsburg Center: Room 118.
Hours: Mondays – Thursdays from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.
Fridays from 8:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M.
After Hours: After Hours phone and email support, Mondays – Thursdays until 8 PM. Please call 304-263-3066 or email

Card not working on a door?

Exterior Door Access

If you are experiencing problems with your card not letting you into your building, please contact Residence Life at 304-876-5172 between business hours. If you notice this outside of 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. business hours, please contact your buildings RA duty phone.

Room Door Access

If you are experiencing problems with your room door access, please refer to the chart below.

The Onity lock has several codes that will indicate the status of the lock when a card is inserted and removed. There are only two lights on the lock a RED LED and a GREEN LED. How the lights display on your door access can help diagnose a lock or explain why a card is not accepted. Below is a guide to help you understand the light codes.

Code Description/Procedure
solid_green_no_red Solid GREEN light, no RED light
A valid card has been inserted. Door unlocks for four seconds or until the handle is turned.
solid_red_no_green Solid RED light, no GREEN light
An invalid card has been inserted. Please update your Rambler or contact your RA.
solid_green_blinking_red Solid GREEN light, blinking RED light
The lock battery is low. Please contact your RA to get it replaced.
red_6_seconds RED light appears 6 seconds after card is removed, no GREEN light
Unreadable card inserted. Card is blank, damaged, or inserted incorrectly. Please contact your RA.
blinking_green Blinking GREEN light, no RED light
Door is unlocked and no card is required to enter.
blinking_red Blinking RED light, no GREEN light
The door has been blocked from access. Please contact your RA.

Card Issues

It is important that you take card of Rambler card to access your building and room. If the black strip on the back of your card is damaged, then there is a possibility that our key systems will not be able to read your card. If this ends up being the case, then you will need to go to the Wellness CEnter and purchase a new Rambler. For more information and hours of operation, visit

If you have any questions, contact:

Residence Life Office
Miller Hall, Lower Level
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Monday-Friday)