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Language Lunches

Lunch, Leisure, Language!

Come join us for Language Lunches!

Language Lunches began at Shepherd in January of 2018 following the suggestion of members of Global Shepherd Students. 

Spanish lunch tables began with students, faculty, and staff.  In February, French lunch tables also started.  Members of the Shepherd community are invited to bring a brown bag lunch and share in conversation of the day.

ATTENTION! Language Lunches are Open for the Fall 2018 semester!

Lunches begin at 11:30 AM.

Spanish                           Mondays                Gardiner 106

French                            Wednesdays          Gardiner 106

Chinese Learning         Thursdays

If you are interested in participating in our Language Lunches, just bring a lunch and stop by! We would love to see you.

Contact Dr. Lois Jarman for more information.