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IT Services Support for Students Working Remotely

DATE: March 26, 2020, 10 a.m.


I want to take a moment to let you know your IT Services team is here to help you navigate through the remainder of this term. IT Services recognizes the challenges each of you face and want to assure you that we are invested in your success. I am sure you have a multitude of questions. This email will serve as an outline of how IT Services will continue to offer support to all Students during the remainder of this term. If you wish to obtain additional detail on any related IT Services, please visit our website for the most up-to-date information (specifically, the Covid-19 impact page).

  1. Extended Support Hours
    • Students are heavily encouraged to email any technical-related issue directly to our ticket system at
    • Starting March 30th, IT Services will be available for live support from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Thursday and 8am to 4:30pm on Fridays throughout the remainder of term.
      • Students can call 304.876.5457 directly during these hours to speak to the IT Services Desk for assistance.
    • IT Services can support students remotely leveraging Zoom, as we are discouraging anyone from visiting IT Services in person, for the health safety of all during this time.
  2. Online Apps that you may be asked to be used for Remote Success
    • Sakai is our LMS (learning management system) and is accessible via the internet. Students will need to access with their username and password.
    • Office 365 contains the full suite of Microsoft productivity tools and is accessible via the internet. Students will need to use their full email address and password to login.
      • Outlook – email
        • During this time, please check your email regularly.
        • If you are in need of a password reset, please contact us at
      • MS Office – productivity tools, like Word and Excel
      • OneDrive – this is a cloud storage locale in the cloud that allows you to move files/folders on your local or shared drives today to our secure, private cloud.
      • MS Teams – interactive, virtual conferencing tool that may be leveraged by your Faculty and/or Groups.
    • Zoom is our approved video conference tool that may be leveraged by your Faculty and/or Groups.
    • Citrix is our virtual desktop/lab and can be utilized by all users via the internet to access all approved software that would exist in any on-campus lab. This space is best utilized for access to specific software that is not directly on the internet. Although details for use and access are still being determined, if your Faculty has directed you to Citrix, please contact us at
    • Adobe is a full set of graphic creation and editing software tools and is available via the internet. Existing users should already be leveraging their student enabled accounts; however, if any student was working solely off of lab machines, please contact us for assistance.

Again, we are here to help you. Together, we will make this transition a successful one.

Thank you,
Joey Dagg
IT Services Director