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Join Our Host Family Program!

We are always looking for fun, kind, and dedicated host families and international students to participate.

A host family can take many forms: it can be a single individual or a family of fifteen! A host family is merely a family in the local Shepherdstown or Martinsburg area that serves as a friend to an international students studying here at the university. Students studying here from abroad often find themselves overwhelmed culturally and socially. A host family helps ease the homesickness and anxiety international students face when they are far from home.

Please check out the appropriate links below and email Dr. Lois Jarman, Director of International Affairs, for information about how you can apply!

Global Shepherd Students

Welcome to Global Shepherd Students!

Global Shepherd Students is an organization and resource that will always advocate for international students. We thrive only when our students thrive!

We provide international and local students, as well as members of the community, with the opportunity to participate in different multicultural and educational programs regarding the international and local community. We are a voice for minority students here at Shepherd University: we help all students from many different backgrounds and nationalities integrate and adjust to a new environment.

We welcome any enthusiastic and dedicated student- international or local- to join us. If you have a positive attitude and engaging spirit, please join us!

Contact Dr. Lois Jarman or Henry Navarrete Mendez for more information.

Lunch, Leisure, Language!

Come join us for Shepherd University’s Language Café!

International Culture Week

The Fall Semester International Culture Week will take place from October 22-26, 2018. There will be events happening all week, representing different cultures from different continents. Stay tuned for the upcoming schedule of events.

Phi Beta Delta, International Honor Society

2018 Inductees

Chartered on April 5, 2016, Theta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars, recognizes and encourages high professional, intellectual and personal achievements in the field of international education, international exchange, and internationalization. The Chapter encourages interdisciplinary and inter-generational contacts and promotes the exchange of ideas and information among students, staff, and faculty of Shepherd University, the community, and other institutions and organizations.

Global Studies Major

Started in the Fall of 2016 Global Studies is a young and vibrant program at Shepherd University which offers many possibilities for students who are interested in the principle issues and problems in the globalized world we life in. Courses in the program provide students with a framework within which to analyze globalizing processes that transcend national, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. Global Studies offers a BA degree which combines courses from the social sciences, natural sciences, arts, humanities and professional fields. Students in the program are offered the knowledge to understand the processes and concepts underlying globalization and are empowered to become global leaders who will shape our world in business, education, government and the non-profit sector. For more information, visit the Global Studies Website