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International Students

J-1 Exchange Visitor Student Visa Status

J-1 via status for students mostly applies to short-term non-degree exchange students; it can, though, in rare cases apply to government-sponsored students in full-time degree programs.  At Shepherd University, we have students in both situations:short-term exchange programs through our institutional partners and students in sponsored full-time degree programs.  The spouse and dependent children of a J-1 student hold J-2 visa status.

The Exchange Program is administered by the U.S. Department of State and has the overarching goal of fostering mutual understanding between American and international students and their countries.  As a host school, Shepherd University helps exchange students learn about U.S. society and culture while studying and sharing their own culture and perspectives with Americans.

As with the other non-immigrant visa statuses, there are rules and expectations and some unique features.  This section provides essential information and procedures to assist you in gaining the most from your time at Shepherd University.