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Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors

Creation of a new interdisciplinary program (minor or major) requires approval of the C&I committee and the Board of Governors (majors also require approval of the HEPC). These programs may originate from a department, if the impetus for the program and many of the courses originate in a single department.  In that case, the program proposal should advance through normal channels from department to College to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee (C&I).

Programs that are more interdisciplinary in nature will propose an interdisciplinary program board that will function as the program’s curricular home.  The program board will function in ways similar to an academic department with regard to activities, planning, and program reviews.  Initial proposals of interdisciplinary programs should include the membership of the board and should be endorsed by the Provost, the College dean, and the College most appropriate to the curricular area.  Make-up of the board should reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the program and a student member and a community member may be included.  Changes in membership of interdisciplinary program boards should be approved by the Provost and the appropriate dean.  The board should elect a coordinator for a three-year term subject to approval by the appropriate dean and Provost  Future curricular items will emanate from the interdisciplinary program board, then go through the College (or College curriculum committee) and College dean, and come to C&I for final approval.

In both cases, chairs whose departments will serve the new program must approve their departments’ involvement and provide documentation of approval that will be submitted with the proposal.