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a.  Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and disability insurance programs are available to employees through TIAA and the PEIA. Interested or participating employees should direct questions to the Director of Human Resources.

B.  Vehicle Accident Insurance

The State Board of Insurance has purchased a Comprehensive Liability Insurance for state-owned vehicles to cover authorized travel for bodily injury liability and property damage liability of $25,000/$100,000/$300,000. This coverage is applicable only to other vehicles, passengers, and property; it does not cover damage to university vehicles nor injury to the driver.

Repair/Replacement of a university vehicle must be absorbed by the University or a claim against the other driver if the latter is at fault.

Persons who are authorized passengers who incur bodily injury in a single car accident can recover costs, etc., through their personally owned accident insurance. The State of West Virginia considers the purchase of insurance for our driver and passengers prohibitive in cost. A settlement through the Court of Claims is used for remedy to the injured.

For insurance purposes as set forth by the State Board of Insurance, only an employee of the university can drive a university vehicle. An employee of the university is considered a person appearing on our payroll. The employee can either be full-time, part-time, or student assistant. Also, the vehicle can only be used for official and approved university business.

All employees of the university are covered under Workers’ Compensation and can have medical and hospital bills paid provided other kinds of payment are not made for the same expenses. This would only apply to injuries while on university approved business.

C.   Liability Insurance

A $100,000 comprehensive automobile liability insurance policy covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Volunteer workers are protected in the same manner as state employees when the volunteer work is being performed on behalf of the state.

Private property which is stolen or damaged while stored in a university building is covered to a limit of $100,000 for each occurrence. Coverage includes both personal effects and valuable papers and records. There is a $2,000 deductible.