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Institutional Affiliates

The Foundation

Incorporated in 1965, the Shepherd University Foundation was established to provide Shepherd with a means of developing a viable, fiscal relationship with the graduates and friends of the University. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to add to, strengthen and further, in every proper and useful way, the work and service of Shepherd University. The corporation is authorized to accept, hold, administer, invest and disburse funds and property in order to achieve its objectives.

Historically, the Foundation has emphasized a commitment to direct student assistance through a program of extensive scholarships and student aid. The Foundation assists deserving students in their attendance at Shepherd University, contributing the majority of its funds to direct student aid. The Foundation also funds other projects directed at its broader goals of educational research, improvements and additions to university facilities and the promotion of general education purposes.

As a fiduciary agent, the Foundation has the power to receive contributions. It also serves as the legal trustee for persons who desire to establish on-going memorials, scholarships, grants, legacies, awards, and gifts. The policies of the Foundation include that all student aid will be distributed through the Shepherd University Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee.

This independent corporation is managed by a board of directors, the majority of whom are not within the immediate employment or authority of the University. Despite the chartered fiscal independence, the Foundation’s interdependence with the University is acknowledged in it by laws. The President of Shepherd University serves as a permanent member of the board of directors. In addition, four faculty members are appointed by the University to serve as members of the board of directors.

Liaison with the University is the responsibility of the Vice President for Advancement. This person also acts as an officer of the Foundation.

The Alumni Association

Incorporated in 1984, the Shepherd University Alumni Association exists to provide aid, support, and assistance to Shepherd University, its educational programs, alumni, students, and faculty. As the primary agent for communication with the University’s alumni, the Association develops and disseminates a variety of publications concerning its activities and purposes. In order to achieve its chartered objectives, the association solicits, receives and administers donations, contributions and endowments. It also collects membership dues.

The Alumni Association has traditionally emphasized its role in providing a forum for communication among the alumni and the University. By fostering a continuing relationship between the University and its graduates, the Association has sought contributions both in volunteer services and financial gifts. Through such activities as the alumni news, the emeritus club, the outstanding alumnus awards, homecoming, luncheons and reunions, the association has sought to build alumni identity with the University.

Through a well organized program of promotion and solicitation, the Alumni Association now receives significant funds to invest on behalf of the institution. The funds are used by the association in achieving its broader objectives of support for the entire university, its programs, faculty, and students. Support for major projects was given in such areas as a new carillon system, leadership scholarships, the piano fund, athletic recruiting, faculty minigrants, and the interior restoration of McMurran Hall.

As an independent corporate entity, the Association is administered by a board of directors elected from its active membership. As University liaison with the Alumni Association, the Vice President for Advancement is a member of the board of directors.